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Where elegance meets conscientious spirit.

Cou is a visionary brand, proudly female-founded, situated in the vibrant locale of Palm Beach, Florida. Rooted in mindfulness, Cou takes a conscientious approach to crafting and sourcing its products. The brand introduces refined pieces that reflect a careful curation process, ensuring each item possesses a unique blend of elegance and a conscientious spirit. Committed to the concept of "kind luxury," Cou harmonizes sophistication with ethical practices, emphasizing a commitment to both style and substance. In an industry where aesthetics often take precedence, Cou stands out by seamlessly blending the worlds of mindful living and refined fashion, creating a brand that resonates with those who appreciate the beauty of both outer and inner elegance.


Rose Carmine

Rose Carmine was born from a love of knitting. An eternal dream that would appeal to all generations, that would seduce all women who like to wrap up themselves in a coloured cloud, in natural warmth and protective softness.

Fine Jewelry


Sorellina is fine jewelry with dynamic energy. Founded by sisters Nicole & Kim Carosella, Sorellina embraces the beauty of duality by seamlessly blending opposing ideas. It is where masculine meets feminine, where accessible lives next to inspirational, and where vintage artistry influences modern design.

Uniquely Curated Rooted in Mindfulness Where elegance meets conscientious spirit